Antibody-based drug discovery at the speed of light

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The combination of the PentaMice® platform and single B cell screening with the Berkeley Lights Beacon® Optofluidic system increases speed to market for monoclonal antibody therapeutics.

The Beacon® system is an innovative package using the technology of light, nanofluidics and refined AI algorithms to identify and orchestrate the movement of single B cells into a grid of NanoPen™ chambers for screening.

Download our white paper for insights on:

  • First-to-Human antibody therapeutics
  • Immunization — PentaMice® platform for antibody generation
  • Single B cell screening with the Beacon® system
  • Sequence Identification
  • Custom Bioinformatics
  • Case Study: Discovery of diverse monoclonal antibodies that bind SARS-CoV-2 Delta and Omicron spike proteins
  • Gene-to-Protein Strategies

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